Drama – Monologue

Everybody believes that they’re sure of themselves, that they know who they are and what they can be. Everybody wants to know that but I don’t think many high school students my age do. The thing is, I do. That may sound pompous and it’s not supposed to be it’s just the way I live because I have to. I may seem like a typical high school student but I’m not, not exactly. I’m not because I’ve experienced things that a lot of people don’t. My little brother is autistic. It’s been hard but it’s been even more wonderful. He’s my favorite person in the whole world and there’s nothing I would change about him. Autism is characterized as a disorder with impaired social interaction and communication but my brother isn’t. He’s hilarious and he gets along with everyone, even my friends. I mean I can so see there being a fight in between all my friends over who gets to take him to prom or something. But the best part about my brother is what he’s showed me. Autistic children are “supposed” to lack the ability to socialize but my little brother definitely doest have that problem. The way he lives has shown me that the world isn’t just black and white but there are so many colors. He’s inspired me, he’s inspired my art. I love to paint; maybe you can tell I’m an artist by the way I dress. I believe I’m good at it (laugh) but even so it just makes me happy to express myself in new ways. I mostly love surrealism. It’s a type of art where you can take anything and mold it and change it into the way you feel and think. It represents unconscious thoughts and dreams and it liberates your mind and your imagination. With surrealism you can make anything in the world be whatever you want and there are really no limitations.  This represents my life, or at least Liam’s. Liam is who makes me believe that I can do anything because he does. The world has put these “limitations” on him but he crosses those lines every day. He inspires me and not many teenagers have a person who can. It’s not a bad thing because we’re all still young but I’ve grown and learned from my experiences. Maybe I’ve grown a little bit too much (laugh) but it will still help me reach my goals. Liam has shown me how I can and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be my brother. I am excited to reach my dreams and I’m even more excited to be next to Liam while he reaches his.

Written about Kayleigh Shield

Performed by Nela Gojevic


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