Media Studies – Images and Image Makers.

Everybody knows this face. This is Taylor Swift, the cute, blonde, country singer who got interrupted by Kanye West. She is a household name which makes her a true celebrity. I love Taylor swift because I think she is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing talent as a singer/songwriter. I love her music because anyone can relate to the words and sing along with the pretty melodies. The best part about Taylor Swift is the fact that she is still the same girl who came out with her first song in 2006. Yes maybe her style has changed and definitely her popularity but she still as the same values and goals in life and that is very important. One thing that comes with being a celebrity is being a role model. There are so many girls in the world that look up to singers or actresses like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan and these stars need to keep up that image. Needless to say, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan didn’t do the best job with this. They both changed from their wholesome girly image to big sex stars with deeper issues and Taylor Swift has not. She is still down to earth, friendly, proper and she hasn’t been to rehab. With this image Taylor Swift has definitely influenced me and lots of girls out there. The media text I chose are two pictures of Taylor. The first is one from the first months of her career. She’s blonde and happy and still has an awesome style. Then I have a photo from more recent times and she still looks just as happy. Both photos are very bright and pretty pictures showing her caring and gentle personality. She also is wearing proper shirts in both of these photos showing that you don’t need to show skin to be pretty or popular. They both  include nature. This shows how she is down to earth and still has her country roots. The most important thing about these two pictures is how they are still so much alike event after 4 years and this shows how she is still herself and that the celebrity world hasn’t corrupted her. The way she has stayed sane in this industry at the easiest age to mold is really inspiring and gives us hope that being famous isn’t always completely terrible.


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  1. msszewchuk
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 18:13:11

    Taylor Swift definitely provides a strong contrast to the many other young female artists who seem to have much more of a “party girl” or “bad girl” type of image. She has definitely not used sexuality as part of her image the way other young celebs have. It’s difficult for celebrities who are initially marketed as child or tween stars to successfully transition to having a more adult / older teen audience, but Taylor Swift seems to have become popular only after she turned 18, so she did not have to worry about how fans saw her as a child. Perhaps that was a calculated decision made by her or her parents, as many young people (and even some older people!) cannot successfully navigate their way through being a celebrity.


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