Drama – Justifying Physical Actions

In theatre all movement and action on stage must have a purpose so that actors can be connect to their physical life so finding reasons to move about in a realistic manner will help justify the performance and keep them focused on stage.

For this assignment we had to walk into an empty room with only a chair. I used this room as a change room and used it to try on a new pair of shoes from the store. I took off my own shoes and put the new ones on, I knelt down to be able to tie them up and then I got up to see how they feel. After standing up I could not decide if these shoes were right so I moved around. I got up on the chair in the room to stretch them even more and see if they would stay on my feet and be comfortable to move in. Then I decided they were comfortable so I took them off, put my own shoes back on and left the room.

My objective was to try on a pair of shoes. My obstacle was knowing if they were comfortable and worth buying so I had to test them out.

During the performance I was thinking about how I would try on a pair of shoes in a completely empty room with no one around. If no one could see me I would do whatever I needed to to see if I liked the shoes as in move around and stand on a chair. Whenever buying anything I need to know that it’s comfortable and that I would actually use them so I looked at them a lot and move around so I could tell. By pretending I was completely alone, like I would be in a dressing room it was easy to stay focuses and not be distracted by what was going on around me.

This activity was interesting and made the creative muscles move in everyone’s bodies. I am excited to do the rest of the activities and see where I can go.


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