Drama – Making an Entrance and Exit

When you enter a space there has to be a reason, an objective and you must know what you are going to do in that space.  For any performance if you think of these things before hand it will be more believable and understandable.

For my presentation I was sneaking into my sister bedroom and stealing a pair of her shoes, this is my objective. My previous circumstances are that I really want these shoes but I know she won’t let me borrow them so I have to steal them. I am nervous of course because I do not want her to catch me in her room or with her shoes because she would be very mad.

My first action was to look into the room and make sure she was not there, then I carefully and quietly ran over to her closet where she keeps her shoes, grabbed them and quietly ran out of the room without getting caught.

My inner thoughts were how scared I would be if I got caught in my sister’s room stealing her shoes. This helped me focus on my task and make sure it looked like I was being very careful to check around the corner so I wouldn’t be seen. Then I imagined myself as a spy, stealing something very important and this helped me with my sneaking skills. This also focused me because I pretend I was on a secret mission and my life was in danger. Knowing the feeling and reasoning behind my actions helped them be portrayed easily and so that everyone knew what I was doing right away.


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