Media Studies – Pop Culture

Entertainment Tonight- What is the main purpose of this show?

Entertainment Tonight is a daily entertainment newsmagazine show. It talks about all the current events of pop culture in flashy and creative ways. This show will help any person be totally caught up on what’s happening in the industry like when Justin Beiber cut his hair. The main purpose of this show is to get the information on the stars out there in the most quick and interesting ways. ET Canada is hosted by Cheryl Hicky and other people who are all lovely and are always dressed in beautiful outfits. They, as well as the interesting sounds and captivating video clips really draw in audiences. Then you will see that the show does not stay on one topic for two long. Instead it bounces from one to another giving us the main details and moving on, keeping it light and not boring.  Also in this show there are many advertisements. The show always says who they are sponsored by and they give quick lines saying use this toothpaste or this hair product. You watch commercials all throughout the show without even realizing it. The best part about ET Canada is the way they get you to do what they want you to do. They draw you in with glitz and gossip but also get you to listen to all the advertisements and just love Pop Culture even more. ET Canada is a great show and it shows you how cunning the pop industry is.


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  1. msszewchuk
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 18:00:51

    You’re absolutely right that this show is selling us things without us even really noticing – for example when we see a segment talking about how are certain star lost weight or got a new haircut, we are indirectly influenced to buy exercise magazines, shampoos, etc. So in a sense, another important thing that the show does is sell things.


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