Drama – Circles of Concentration

For this activity we brought in a simple object that we could manipulate while thinking about an important problem and these object or task helped engage your mind and body by releasing your emotions into the actions.

It was easy enough to deal with the sense of public privacy while doing the exercise because I just concentrated on what I was thinking about. Everybody thinks all the time whether it’s in public or not so it wasn’t very hard.

I was always concentrating on my thoughts and not what was going on in the class. My thoughts thought did go in and out a lot. The moment Mrs. Maxwell- Steele said think of a big problem in your life I immediately thought of my biggest one. The thing I was thinking about isn’t something I like thinking of and I usually try to keep it off my mind. Therefore during the activity, I would go back to doing my nails or looking around me to try and take my mind of the thought like I would in real life. I was not aware of the audience because they have no part in what I was thinking about and I would like it to stay that way. I was able to engage my thoughts even if I didn’t want to. I was able to think and concentrate because I do feel very comfortable in the drama classroom and as long as I didn’t burst out crying, I knew I would be fine. The best way I showed my emotions in this activity through my motions was by going back and forth from thinking to doing my task. Whenever I let my mind wandered to these thoughts I always try to get it off my mind again by doing something else but if the task is thoughtless then it’s very easy for my mind to go back to those thoughts.

This was a good activity because it makes you aware that you are always doing something and how your emotions affect what you do.


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