Media Studies – The 2011 Oscars

This year the Oscars were a lot different than others. There were musical numbers, kids singing and tones of awkward jokes but the main reason for all the changes was to change the audience of the Oscars. I have never watched the Oscars, either because I was too young or just had no interested in the people on the show because I didn’t know any of them. This year I did watch them, not only because I knew I had to do an assignment on them but also because the Oscars were trying to appeal to a younger audience. To start they had two hosts that were a lot younger than previous Oscar host. There was Anne Hathaway and James Franco, both younger and newer actors. First this appealed to me and other people my age because we actually knew who they were. Both have starred in movies we would have recently seen and we like both of them.

Another attempt at appealing to a younger audience was the different movie clips and skits they created. There were auto tuned clips of movies like Harry Potter 7 and The Social Network and they had a few musical numbers also. Even Justin Timberlake presented an award with an IPhone app.  All of these things would appeal to a younger audience.

Of course there were still tones of actors and conversations an older audience would enjoy also, like Kirk Douglas, 92, who really showed at cute and still funny older people can be. They also had a lot of references to past nominations and winners and you really learned a lot about the past Oscars in those few hours.

In the end all the attempts to bring in a younger audience did work because as I said I watched it. Unfortunately they didn’t do the best job and there were a lot of awkward moments and fake laughs and it did get a little boring. All in all, it’s great to see all these spectacular people be honored for their achievements and to really thank them for entertaining us for all these years. After this year I may tune into next year’s Oscars or at least the red carpet.


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  1. msszewchuk
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 21:38:53

    I’m sure an Oscars producer would be glad to read this post – it sounds like they achieved their goal of drawing in more young viewers like yourself. You’re also right that there were also a lot of other things in the show that would appeal to an older audience. Even though people of many ages might have enjoyed it, it’s likely that they interpreted what was happening on stage differently. A younger viewer like yourself might think of Kirk Douglas as cute, while someone who remembers his heyday as a movie star might have a different impression of him at 92.


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