Drama – Fourth Wall Exercise

Dealing Directly with the Fourth Wall

In this exercise we created a space on stage with a simple set and objects then we are facing the audience and must deal with the missing fourth wall while on the telephone. Before the phone call I am reading a magazine happily with not a care in the world. I did not enter the room when the scene started I was already in the room reading on the couch like I do at the end of the night to calm down before bed. While I am reading in the room I get a phone call from my girlfriend telling me how she saw this super hot guy out with the girl that lives across the street from me. I obviously cannot calm down after hearing this story because I am so interested and when the couple shows up outside of my house, I just go crazy watching there every move. During the conversation I tell my friend everything that’s happening outside so I look out the window, stare at them and react to what they are doing outside. On the inside I’m thinking how jealous I am and give reasons like she’s a slut and that he can do much better because I am upset. I also try not to think about the audience by pretending I am really watching the couple across the street from my living room. At the beginning I was in the intermediate circle because I was completely alone in my living room reading. Then when my friend called I was more aware of what was going on in the room and on the street around me so I was in the middle circle. Because we were using the fourth wall I did not get into the large circle because I wasn’t actually acknowledging the audience but I was looking out the window onto the street. This activity was really interesting because it tested your focus but I failed. I needed to focus more and get into character quicker. I guess that day I wasn’t ready because I had forgotten what I was going to say since the Tuesday before. Next time I will concentrate more.


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