Media Studies – Celebrities and Causes

In this video we watch a woman basically cover Katy Perry’s breasts in papier-mâché. This is done for a non-profit breast cancer awareness organization and what they do is take the plastic casts of the female torso and give them to artists to decorate and then auction them off in the fine art setting. All the money raised from the auction goes towards breast cancer research. The preferred reading from this text is that Katy Perry wants to help in the search for a cure for breast cancer. Because she is a woman it is a great cause and something that really needs to be helped. An optional reading of this text is that Katy Perry just wants to show off her breasts. Katy Perry is known for her sex appeal and rather large breasts and this ad could be an interesting way to get them out there even more. Of course this is not what the true meaning of the video is about but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It is a site of struggle because if Katy Perry isn’t truly into the cause then it is not a good thing but if her breasts are so popular and maybe a lot more people will watch this video because her breasts are in it, people will be more aware of the cause and will hopefully donate also. Basically this is a very Katy Perry like way to help. She is always doing crazy and sexy things and selling a cast of her breasts is very like her. Her breasts already make a lot of money so if they can make more for cancer than it is a very good thing. This ad hasn’t changed my perception of her because I couldn’t see her doing anything normal to help the world because that’s almost against what she does. I mean she did have a music video that was of a sexy candy land where she laid naked in a cotton candy cloud.

The Crazy Katy Perry♥


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  1. msszewchuk
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 17:14:57

    This is an excellent example of a site of struggle, and you’re right that participating in a charity event like this one inevitably helps to bolster Katy Perry’s sexy image.
    Yet, while Katy Perry is also making herself appear sexy in this photo, she’s also doing something very interesting for breast cancer – she’s making it appear to be sexy as well. This may help to raise more money for the cause, as people tend to want to donate to diseases they see as “sexy” – that’s one of the theories why so many people donate to fund AIDS research.


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