Drama – Action Scene In Pairs

Action Scene in pairs

For this exercise we were playing ourselves in a given circumstance of either a park or a classroom. Both characters needed an objective and an obstacle but could not speak. We also had to have a reason for both entering and exiting the room.

In our scene my partner Sonya and I were in a classroom writing a test. I came into the class very organized and prepared for the test. I was calm and collected and ready to write. To prepare for the scene I just thought of our presentation as a test and how I would calm myself down and reassure myself that I would do fine before I started. This helped with making it believable.

In this space I was prepared to sit at a desk and write my test but my so-called friend Sonya wanted me to help her cheat. She wanted me to send her text messages with answers and let her see my paper. I of course, the good student that I am do not want to help her and try very hard to ignore her but she becomes so annoying that I must. Finally when she takes it way to overboard and falls out of her chair from trying to look at my paper I stop, hand my test in and leave the room.

In order to stop Sonya from cheating off me I tried to ignore her grunts and turn my back to her. I also hid my paper and made it really obvious that the teacher would be watching.

As I said before, for this scene I just tried to pretend I was actually doing a test that I was prepared for. I concentrated and didn’t let my peers (Sonya) or the audience distract me from writing the test. I also actually wrote sentences on the paper to make it more real and to help me concentrate on my task. After all these exercises it has become a lot easier to concentrate and perform even with people watching.


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