Drama – Lost Object Exercise & Physical Condition

 Lost Object Exercise & Physical Condition

In this exercise we had to be ourselves in a given circumstance where we lose something. In the scene we must be looking for it and cannot possibly go on without this object. Also we had a physical condition that impaired us like a toothache or a migraine. We were allowed to speak but with a minimum of 3 lines.

In this scene I started by entering the room to cleaned it up a bit and when I finally finish, I sat on the couch exhausted. This was my condition. At the same time my son walks in complaining of a stomach ache. I have to find the medicine to make him feel better because a child’s needs always come first. I cannot find this medicine and my son just complains and whines in pain. Also once I find this medicine, he will feel better and go play so that I can sit quietly and rest.

During the performance I looked through my purse for this medicine. I rushed and was very frustrated when I couldn’t find it because I just wanted to sleep. I also had to conceal my frustration and anger because I did not want my child to see me this way. Instead I made sure I had a big smile on my face at all times even if it was fake.


Sam: Mom, my stomach hurts.

Angela: Okay honey, I will get you some medicine.

Sam: strawberry flavored medicine please mommy.

Angela: I’m sorry honey; I can’t seem to find it.

Sam: But it hurts!

Angela: Okay honey I will go to the store and buy you some.

In this scene Sam decided to put on a very comical yet annoying voice for his character and I had to concentrate and make sure that I did not laugh in the middle of our scene. I made sure that I concentrated on what I was looking for so that I did not hear his silly voice or the laughter of the audience. I also had to concentrate on my facial features in order to show my frustration yet conceal it from my son at the same time.

In the end I am obviously not a mother, therefore I am not playing myself and need to remember to follow closely to the instructions next time.


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