Media Studies – The Disposable Woman

The Disposable Woman

This article, like a lot of news these days is about Charlie Sheen and his crazy yet popular actions. Charlie Sheen is best known for his role in the popular TV show Two And A Half Men but recently he’s become a lot more popular for his drug addiction, women and psycho outbursts. Weirdly enough, after all of this we still love and adore him but in this article we see every bad thing that he has done, especially to women in a page and a half and it seems so much worse. Why is that? It’s the media’s fault. The media has always been able to almost brainwash us into believing what they want us to and to do what they want us to. In this case they brained washed us into believing that Charlie Sheen is just a bit of a weirdo that has done some crazy things but in real life he has serious problems that cannot be fixed if we keep throwing him love and money. In this article Anna Holmes mentioned two reasons why she believed the media never portrayed Charlie as the actual criminal that he is. In general celebrities seem to be excused for stupid things that they do unlike the rest of the world that would be harshly punished. They are just slapped on the wrist and usually their popularity goes up. But in Charlie’s case and a lot of others he is excused for the fact that he is a white and wealthy man. These qualities put him on the “good” side because no one would suspect a funny, rich, white man like him to purposely do anything wrong. Unfortunately not every criminal is a poor black man and this is another fault of the media. On top of his privileged qualities, Charlie Sheen is also excused for his behavior, especially towards women because of the type of women he associates himself with. These women aren’t exactly Suzy Homemaker so the media and the world seems to think it’s their fault if something goes wrong with Charlie. They believe that these “gold diggers” or “prostitutes” are only looking for attention, fame, love and money and that they deserve a failed relationship and some problems. But if Charlie Sheen was brought up on charges for accidentally shooting his fiancée in the arm something is really wrong.

After watching this video, it is safe to say that Charlie Sheen isn’t exactly sane. He looks ill, he sounds ill when rambling on about winning and what he deserves and add that to the list of sexual charges and restraining orders, it’s safe to say that he needs some help. But if the media keeps hiding the true problems with this man, I don’t think he will ever get help. It’s the opposite of sensationalism because his problems are being toned down so that he won’t get blamed for the things he’s done. But we are already witnessing his crash and burn and if it doesn’t stop soon he will ruin himself for forever. If we all showed him that what he’s been doing is not acceptable instead of praising him and watching him just to get a laugh, he may finally realize and get some help. It’s up to us.


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  1. msszewchuk
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 17:09:50

    Great analysis of why the media is so obsessed with Charlie Sheen. He is essentially helping newspapers, TV programs, websites etc. to sell advertising because these media outlets know that publishing a story about him will attract a large audience. Talking about his serious problems may make audiences feel uncomfortable, so the media instead constructs his behaviour as “funny” rather than “frightening.”


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