Drama – Verbal Action Neutral Script

Verbal Action Neutral Script

So I Guess You Know                                                                          Verbal Action

A: So, I guess you know…                                                             To seem excited and interested.

B: Ya. Found out yesterday.                                                         To be excited.

A: Oh, (pause) Well, what can I say?                                          To encourage.

B: Not much you can say.                                                To really have no words that can express the feeling.

A: What are you going to do now?                                           To be interested.


B: tell the world. Tell the whole damn world.                          To flaunt.

A: do you think that’s a good idea?                                           To be concerned.

Overall Objective for A: to be excited for her friend and her winnings but concerned for her too, knowing she may need a little help organizing her plans for the money.

Overall Objective for B: to tell my friend about my new winnings and have her help me figure out what to do with it all.


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