Drama – Working With Verbal Action and Script Analysis

Working with verbal action and script analysis

In this short neutral scene I was a university student sitting on my couch drinking alcohol like any other normal day when my roommate walks in, obviously upset about something. We talk a bit, I even offer her a drink but I know something is truly wrong when she denies this drink because drinking is so normal to us. Basically my objective in this scene was just wanting to sit and drink my vodka but my friend came in all upset and I had to help her that was my obstacle. My previous circumstances was just still sitting on my couch and pouring myself a drink. I just pretended I was home by myself, minding my own business and drinking.

Dialogue                                                    Verbal Actions

A: Hi, how are you?                              Only asking because the person just walked into the room.

B: Fine.

A: What happened today?                 Curious

B: Nothing much. You?

B: Nothing. Want some?                    Hoping to make the conversation a little happier.

B: No thanks.

A: Jenny?                                              Concerned.

B: Yes?

A: Nothing.                                          Feels that its best to just deal with the problem later.

My inner thoughts were trying to portray behind a tad bit intoxicated in the scene but trying to block that out in order to find out what’s wrong with my friend. When she doesn’t want to talk about it, my drunken side comes back over and I realize I just want to have a good time and not get into anything deep right yet. This was a cool exercise because we got to see all the different ways this scene could be portrayed unfortunately I couldn’t say ‘nothing’ properly. I’ve got to work on that next time 😉


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