Media Studies – Canadian Media


6:00 pm   –    Local News

6:30 pm   –  National News

7:00 pm   –    So You Think You Can Dance Canada

8:00 pm   –     Degrassi

8:30 pm   –    Degrassi

9:00 pm   – Corner Gas

9:30 pm   –  Corner Gas

10:00 pm   –  Creepy Canada

11:00 pm  –  Local News

11:30 pm  – National News

This assignment was fairly easy to complete after doing the class activity where we had to find Canadian TV shows. This of course helped me come up with enough to fill the time period.  It was easy to fill up 6 hours with Canadian TV but if I had to do it every night and with different shows it would be a lot harder. Not that there isn’t a lot of Canadian TV, which there is, I googled it, but those shows are not as popular as some from the United States.  Maybe it’s because the U.S has more money or maybe because they are more exciting to watch but we find ourselves tuning into American TV all the time. This showed me that Canadians want to be entertained, anybody does so to fill my time slot I wanted fun and entertaining shows to watch. We like to be entertained, we liked to laugh and we get easily sucked into reality TV. Us Canadians also want to know about our country and our community so local and national news is very important. With all this I think my schedule would be very appealing to viewers. It is diverse. There are shows that would appeal to adults like the News, SYTYCDC and Corner Gas but these shows also appeal to kids and teens. Teens love reality TV like SYTYCDC and dramatic TV like Degrassi. Finally for those people who stay up late we have Creepy Canada, again a show teens and adults can watch and would enjoy. I love laughing at the scared people and getting a little freaked out myself.

In doing this assignment I realized that having to abide by the CanCon regulations would be a little difficult and annoying. TV is all about entertainment and it would suck to have to play less entertaining shows to promote Canadian culture. I understand that as Canadians we want to preserve our culture and help our fellow Canadians so the CanCon law isn’t unreasonable. I for one barely notice when it’s a Canadian or an American TV show, I only watch it because I like it. So maybe if Canadians spent less time  making up quotas of hours of Canadian TV and more time on creating better TV shows we wouldn’t have to have a certain amount of hours, we would just have it because we want to watch the shows.


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