Drama – Psycho-Physical Reflection

Psycho-Physical Reflection

My favorite assignment was the Fourth Wall exercise. This was because it was something that I had never done before and took real concentration and thinking. First you had to think about every possible thing you would really do if there was a wall there and make sure it seemed real. This made you really think about your character and your scenario. This assignment also took a lot of concentration to make sure you never acknowledged the audience and showed public privacy.

My least favorite assignment was Justifying Physical Actions. Even though it was very useful and made me realize how much thought had to go into every performance it was hard to do. It was hard to create a scene that incorporated every action and had reasons for them. This was also our first exercise so I hadn’t yet realized how much work was needed for these assignments and how much work physical actions are to justify.

I enjoyed the Circles of Concentration exercise. For this activity we brought in a simple object that we could manipulate while thinking about an important problem and these object or task helped engage your mind and body by releasing your emotions into the actions. This exercise developed my acting the most because it incorporated a lot. it made me think about everything that I was doing and making sure every action was justified and needed. It also made me concentrate and understand public privacy. Finally it showed me that in real life every emotion is shown through actions and that in theatre we should use these real actions to portray real theatre. With this we can really be connected to our characters and make them real.

One of my favorite scenes in the class was the Jenny scene played by Nela and Sammy.  Both of them really committed to their characters and put real thought into it before they went on stage. They remembered everything they had learned from the whole unit and really let it show in this scene. I liked that they took a big risk, especially Sammy with her sexy outfit and again the way they put a lot of effort into making it real. After their first performance, we all made comments and helped them change things to make it even better and with their final product I wouldn’t change anything.

The obvious things I learned from this unit are of course the fourth wall, the circles of concentration, how to use public privacy and to really think about what you’re going to do before you go on stage. Knowing what happened to your character that day and right before the scene gave me a little more to go on. Creating a whole background and relationships with other characters made it even easier to show real emotion because I genuinely felt like I was that person. I will take from this unit all of these things and the realization of how far effort and commitment goes in theatre. Even the shortest, simplest scenes wouldn’t work well if you just went up there and winged it. Basically the psycho-physical acting made me always want to commit to my role in order to make it real.


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