Media Studies – Independent Vs. Corporate Owned Media





The first article I found is from the mainstream media source, The National Post, owned by Postmedia Network. The National Post is a conservative based paper therefore it would be biased to the opinions of the conservatives. Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and minimal change in society. Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are and others oppose modernism and seek a return to the way things were. Basically conservatives and The National Post would like to keep things the same and are not too happy about change; therefore they may not agree with the change in the cell phone ban.

The second article is from an independent media source called the Digital Journal. This website is not owned by any major corporation and is also free to join and submit your own blogs, photos and videos. Because this site is open to so many people any opinions can be said. Therefore these articles will generally be less biased and will state the facts. Of course the blogger may have his or her own bias but they have no higher consequences like a mainstream media source.

Each article explicitly states that the TDSB has overturned the cell phone ban in order to keep up with the modern world. Both talk about Jenny Williams, the trustee that spoke for the board and was pleased with the decision. Also both articles talk about how individual teachers shall make final decisions about cell phone use in class.

The National Post article spoke about Josh Matlow, the man who brought forward the ban of cell phones 4 years ago and how he is outraged with the new law. The Digital Journal however did not speak about Mr. Matlow but talked about the other new law that all schools will have solar panels installed on the rooftops to give clean and green solar energy to the schools and communities. This shows the difference in the main goals of each media source in this particular issue.

Implicitly both of these articles say very different things. The first from The National Post is putting the new law in a negative light. They mention the fact that the law has been changed and about Jenny Williams, the trustee who put the law into order but the rest of the article is about the benefits of the cell phone ban. They mention the laws in other cities in Canada, “Such stipulations are not uncommon in Canada; cell phones are allowed in Edmonton schools, but only for use during breaks, and in Halifax most schools have policies in place to keep personal electronic devices out of the classroom. Even across the border in New York City, students are barred from bringing cell phones to school, unless they have a valid medical reason.” and the way that Mr. Matlow feels about his law being overturned. Obviously the National Post is not happy about the change in the ban and do not want to change with the modern world of technology.

In the second article from The Digital Journal, they seemed happier with the new law and the way that the TDSB is changing with the world. They are moving with technology and helping the planet also which are the biggest things right now. This article also say like most people will say when hearing about this change is that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to use a cell phone during class and that each individual teacher will have their own rules. This writer is a lot less biased and open to the facts.

If the message from the National Post is accepted, then the law may be changed back and children and the world of technology will be disadvantaged because no one will be willing to open their minds to new things. If the message from the Digital journal is accepted then it will be the complete opposite. Children will benefit from the new ways of learning and the world can continue moving forward with technology.

When on the main website for the National Post, this article is nowhere to be found. Because it is more of a general overlook, the main page is focused more on Osama and sports; it is only when you go into Toronto news that you will see this as the second story. The first is about the trial of Jordan Manner’s killers. Of course this would be the more important story because death is such a sad thing and an attention grabber. The article about the cell phone ban isn’t as important or interesting except to the teens who are excited to finally not get their phones taken away in class.

On the other hand on the Digital Journal main page, this article is mentioned. It is not the most important but it is on the left site at the top making it easy to find. This shows that this article is important to a lot of people and that a lot of people are sick of hearing about the same things over and over again. I think this media source does a good job at giving us other information about the world instead of regurgitating more about Osama.

Both of these articles present the fact that the TDSB has lifted the ban against cell phone use in class and whether everyone agrees with it or not I know a lot of kids will love the new rule and our world will only move faster into the technological era and that will benefit everyone.


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