Drama – Peer and Self Evaluation

Peer/Self Evaluation

Name: Angela Pellerine
Name of play: Busted
Role in the play: Leila
Roles of the other cast members: Leigh was Lola, Rachel was Anna, Brandon was Kevin and Batuhan was Caleb.

I enjoyed the role I got very much because it was easy to relate to and to create her character. All the characters in the play were very detailed and specific so we got a sense of ourselves just from the script. I think I did a good job in this project because I made sure we stayed on track and I kept up my responsibilities in the group. I made sure to memorize my lines, be at every class and use every class as much as possible. Next time I would dig a little deeper into my character, in order to make her as believable as possible and next time I wouldn’t be as chilled about this project as I was. Luckily we all pulled it together before the performance but we could have a lot sooner.

I contributed to this project with of course my own opinions to what our scenes would look and sound like and I also made the lighting and blocking script. We all sat down together and ran through the blocking but I specifically wrote it down on our script. I also brought in the police siren sound. Next time I would get the blocking to be written down sooner therefore everyone would know exactly what they are doing from the beginning instead of doing it one way and then having to change it for the performance. Doing this would just make it easier to remember and perfect.

Everyone in our group contributed equally. We all took it upon ourselves to learn our lines and our characters. In class we all worked together to create the settings and to help each other out and give constructive criticism. Everyone tried to be in class every day so that we would not miss out on working time. During preparation Rachel, Brandon, Leigh and I all worked together on blocking and the set and even Batuhan who wasn’t in as many scenes helped too.

All of the members in our group were pretty chilled about what happened therefore we would not have one person overriding the others with their opinion. This made it very easy to compromise and figure out the best things to do with our play. Everyone shared their opinions and we tried them all out until we all decided on our best option. Next time maybe we shouldn’t all be so passive because we stalled a lot and it sometimes took too long to reach a verdict on something.

Again our group worked very well together so there weren’t many problems with others not fulfilling their responsibilities. Everyone knew that it was their mark and if they didn’t come to class or if they didn’t memorize their lines it would affect them the most. This motivated everyone to work hard and do well. If I did have someone who was not doing their part I would talk to them about it. I would remind them constantly about what they had to do even if it was very annoying. In the end if they still weren’t doing what they needed to do and I was afraid that it would affect me and my performance then I would talk to my teacher and have them talk to that student.

Overall, I would rate our group’s ability to remain on task as:

Overall, I would rate our group’s ability to be open, respectful, and communicative as:

Overall, I would rate our group’s ability to use the strengths of all of our members as:

How successful was your One Act? Give specific examples for your reasons.

Our performance turned out very well. We got laughs when we were supposed to and it all flowed smoothly. The only problem was when someone forgot or skipped a line. Because there was 4 of us and we all kind of talk at the same time and about different things, we had to really focus on every line and a few times we messed up. Luckily we all knew the general thought of the scene so we improvised a few lines and kept it going. I don’t think anyone other than us and the writer would have really noticed these mistakes so I think it all went well. Next time I would make sure everyone knew everybody’s lines so that they knew every cue and every line before it was said that way the forgotten lines wouldn’t have been forgotten and the conversation could have ran a lot smoother. In the end I enjoyed working on this play and with these people and I think it was very good.


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